Hindustan Times: PR

Sometimes there are those tidbits and nuggets that one picks from random conversation with peers and acquaintances that results in huge eye-opener moments or eureka moments . Even the smaller , ' let me try this out' moments are no less helpful. The best part of such conversations is that the learning is usually imprinted in our sub-conscious even without our knowledge.

Just imagine the feast for the brain if a rain  of thought provoking ideas ,anecdotes and experiences were to be shared for one full hour by a Guru who has been there done that in Silicon Valley and Tech Coast for decades. Dave Berkus has spent decades in the craft almost since the inception of the Startup ecosystem and early stage investing in USA.

We are fortunate that a personality of the stature of Dave Berkus has agreed to be an official Mentor for Kofounderz Team and has agreed to do the Guru Class , a three part virtual Webinar Series as a part of the Knowledge Series launched by The Great Unicorn Hunt.

Here is a link to the PR that was covered by Hindustan Times. Thank You HT