Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this an Investment Platform?

    No, this is not an investment platform. This is a Startup Discovery and Networking platform. The Great Unicorn Hunt does not invest, is not an Exchange, is not an AIF or Family office. This is a platform for various stakeholders of the Ecosystem to discover and interact with each other.

  • Usually VCs, LPs tend to hunt Unicorns and are hence grouped under Unicorn Hunters. Angels, Super Angels, Family Offices , Incubators, Accelerators, Corporates, Analysts, Executives tend to spot Unicorns early and are hence grouped as Unicorn Spotters. These groupings are more for ease of identification of roles and not representative of any club, hierarchy or separate perks on the portal.

  • This is not a substitute for your deal flow but an attempt at augmentation as we are sure you would agree that it never hurts to have access to additional deal flow, smart founders and interesting ideas. You can access the portal once your register, choose your role, create your profile and upload your pic and Bio.

  • You are most welcome to ping the Startup directly and initiate an evaluation or a conversation using the powerful communication tools we have provided. Incase you need assistance, shall be happy to assist if you could drop a line with details to or Whatsapp to: +91 9076427678

  • We are very passionate about the Startup Ecosystem and believe that the current mechanisms of Investors, Founders, Corporates and other stakeholders discovering each other are inefficient, time-consuming , random and sparse. Enter The Great Unicorn Hunt. We hope to help interested stakeholders accelerate their discovery and networking via our portal and the various communication tools we have provided. Apart from the freemium layer, we also provide Paid Education Intervention packages for Startup Founders and advisory services to address specific pain points from inception to fundraising to exits. Details can be sought by dropping an email to or Whatsapp to:+91 9076427678

  • Curation and criterion could be dependent on multiple and different yardsticks which could be different for different Investors. These Startups are not curated. This is a free-to-list Discovery and Networking portal and Startups with the conviction that they are Unicorns in the making and keen to get noticed by the Ecosystem leaders and stakeholders who list themselves here. You could choose to evaluate them on the basis of the factors you look for. This is neither an Investment recommendation nor solicitation and Investors are expected to conduct their own evaluation and Due Diligence should they want to engage with Startups

  • You are most welcome to engage with Startups directly, share your process and initiate the next steps basis your mutual agreement with the founders.

  • While we do a basic scrub, we do not take responsibility for the accuracy or authenticity of the information and you are requested to do your Due Diligence to validate and verify any claims or aspects that are claimed by Startup or other stakeholders listed on the portal

  • - It starts with creating a complete profile on The Great Unicorn Hunt which includes your Bio, professional , high resolution picture, contact co-ordinates since complete profiles are displayed on the portal whereas incomplete profiles stay anonymous - which means you can still interact, transact but your profile wont be visible to anyone.

    - You have 20 Profiles as a part of the Free Plan , which you will see in ' My Profile' . You could look up these profiles, ping them, do elevator talk ( a Short messaging functionality) with these 20 profiles. Infact once you have unlocked a profile, there is no limit on the number of times you can ping the person via elevator talk. When you need to unlock more profiles is when you will need to pay, upgrade and unlock more profiles of individuals or Startups.

    - You may also want to keep in mind that there will be a lot of hopeful founders, co-investors vying for your attention, sending you elevators and you will receive notifications in the email with which you registered or received an invite. You may want to try and ensure you reply wherever possible or even clarify your preferences, thesis in your Bio so as to avoid unwanted pings.

    - You could enhance your visibility in front of various Unicorn Hunters, Unicorn Spotters by interacting more, unlocking more profiles and elevator talks. You could even download a Trending Certificate from your own profile section simply by paying a nominal fee if you think the Trending Certificate needs to be part of your deck or wherever else you choose to use.