Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this an Investment Platform?

    No, this is not an investment platform. This is a discovery platform.

  • This is not a substitute for your deal flow but an attempt at augmentation.

  • You are most welcome to ping the Startup directly and initiate an evaluation or a conversation

  • Curation and criterion could be dependent on multiple and different yardsticks which could be different for different Investors. These Startups are not curated. These Startups are invited because they have the belief and conviction that they are potential Unicorns and you could choose to evaluate them on the basis of the factors you choose to look for.

  • You are most welcome to engage with Startups directly share your process and initiate the next steps basis your mutual agreement.

  • While we do a basic scrub, we do not take responsibility for the accuracy or authenticity of the information and you are requested to do your Due Diligence to validate and verify any claims or aspects that are claimed by Startup.