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Format: As of now it is meant as a Web-based portal format where Startups, VCs, LPs, GPs, Family Offices, Angel Investors, Corporates, and Mentors will be invited to register. There are no charges. This is not an event or a competition nor is it a forum to distribute Grants. This is a format where aspiring Startups could enhance their ability to be visible in front of a larger number of investors and VCs. This is not a syndication platform. Interested investors are most welcome to ping the Startups they would like to reach out to.

Drivers: Factors that would drive founders to list is higher visibility in front of quality VCs, investors, and corporates. Factors that could be an incentive to VCs is augmented deal flow than the one they have and the ability to push their portfolio companies in front of a larger audience for enhanced growth and investment exposure.

The cast of Characters: We expect representations from LPs, GPs, VCs, Angel Investors, Family Offices, Successful founders, and aspiring founders.

Agenda: The objective is to build a ' magnifying glass' if you will that concentrates the energy of the Ecosystem to support the promising Startups.

Partners: We consulted leading VCs, LPs, GPs, Angel Investors, Unicorn Founders, and aspiring Founders before we launched this and this is a solution that has emerged from inputs, feedback, and ruminations of leaders who have invested millions of dollars in the Startup Ecosystem. Each of these symposiums, Round Tables, and Forums we conducted extensively were supported by EconomicTimes.com since a program of this size needed the support of a strong media partner and a Digital Media Leader.

Duration: This is not a one-off event and will be ongoing in nature and Startups would continue to list till they choose to remove themselves.

Discovery: The discovery, ' likes' on the portal will come from VCs, Investors and their teams and the companies they vote for will get a ping. While a cumulative score will be available, a VC's like in particular Startup will be confidential and only known to the Startup who receives the ping.