Tiger Zinda Hai ! For funded Startups on the prowl again !

Apart from paying a tribute to the Iconic Bollywood movie, the rationale of this title is that there a lot of Startups who have raised funds over a year back and are now ferociously on the prowl to make a comeback. This program is for them. However we do ensure that the program is appropriately customized for Founders seeking fundraise for the first time as well. 

A big Pain Point that founders experience is that the decks they have prepared are not necessarily aligned with the potential investors expectations. Whether the founder is raising funds for the first time or for the next round, the proximity that he or she has to the business prevents from key messages, Investor expectations taking the back seat. Our First step of doing two workshops of an hour or so helps fix this issue where we take a dispassionate view about the narrative and provide inputs that help the founders substantially align their pitch decks with expectations of potential investors - especially since what worked with existing investors is not necessarily going to work with the potential investors. (We don't make pitch decks though).


This Session for Founders comprises of  One on One interventions, discussion and inputs to help them revisit and sharpen the narrative.

This comprises of 2 sessions of an hour each to go over :

a) Revisit of Pitch deck so as to provide you with inputs that can help you refurbish the deck so that key aspects of the narrative including the Pain points, the Differentiations, the Upsides, the founder's edge surface preferably without too much ado.

b) Inputs on financials, ask and valuation to help you navigate the choppy waters.

c) Investors are so inundated with pitch decks that it helps to have a peek into a short interview of founders where they get the ' spark' fairly quickly, We share the Zoom interview via our Social media channels including You Tub to spread the word about your proposition.  However the preparation that goes behind the interview is as follows :

 - We make a Whatsapp group to share Questions about the business with the founder so that he / she is prepared

 - We request founders to share the replies via audio recordings in the Whatsapp group and provide inputs to founders on what areas in their replies need refurbishment or more numerical strengthening or whatever the area of improvement that is observed by our experts.

 - We ensure that the founders are also exposed to a Due Diligence checklist to prepare them for the eventuality even before the Investor arrives on the doorstep.

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