The Legend Called Dave Berkus

Dave Berkus, the Guru from Silicon Valley has earned a legendary reputation throughout the years as Mr.Trend. You may know him as an Angel Investor, a Venture Capitalist, a Philanthropist, a CFO, a renowned author, a TEDx speaker a board member of many tech companies, or even a keynote speaker on many important panels and occasions out there.

Along with being awarded several titles including “Director of the Year – Early-Stage Businesses”, “Technology Leader of the Year”, “Businessperson of the Year”, and “US Early-Stage Venture Capitalist of the Year”, Dave Berkus’s entrepreneurial expertise backed by the experience of over 50 years and a perfect hands-on display of intellect and acumen in the tech space certainly speaks for itself when you look at the past and predicted future of many Star funds and companies Dave has helped uplift into an orbit of excellence.

A few of these names include LP, Kodiak Ventures, Berkus Technology Ventures, LLC, Wayfare Ventures, LLC, and Tech Coast Angels of Southern California.

Dave is also popularly known as the father of the ‘Berkus Method of Valuation’ according to which an investor can value a pre-revenue start-up by assigning a number to the risk elements before a young company, of course after assigning a certain credit to the entrepreneur for their idea itself. The Berkus Method has made it to various lists of indispensable tools quite often and has proven revolutionary for over 1,000,000 entrepreneurial minds. It is no wonder that it  has appeared in more than 30,000  mentions online.

The anecdote that Dave has shared on multiple forums is about how the Best Investors can sometimes make a mistake of not doing enough justice to evaluating an opportunity. Dave talks about his ex-employee once brought the Amazon deal to him when they needed 100,000 USD and Dave's famous words were, " Gee Tom, Keep me informed". 

Dave is extremely popular for doing these short but extremely effective talks on important topics that prove to be an eye-opener and in few cases a life saver for the most successful practitioners of the craft.

Kofounderz Team is fortunate to have Dave as its Mentor, Shareholder.