Introducing World’s First AI-Powered Deal Manager

Revolutionizing Startup Evaluations with AI: Unveiling "Dealma" – The Future of Investment Curation. The Great Unicorn Hunt, India's leading startup and investor networking portal, is thrilled to announce the launch of the world's first AI-powered Deal Manager, "Dealma." This innovative tool is part of Curation-as-a-Service offering, designed to transform how investment professionals evaluate startups.

The introduction of Dealma follows the successful implementation of AI-powered Avatars, Helena and Ava, as well as a customized AI-powered chatbot on the portal that the company has been building diligently since last six to eight months. Additionally, The Great Unicorn Hunt has pioneered the world's first AI-powered startup show, where the entire script is generated by their own AI chatbot.

Introducing Dealma: The Game-Changer for Investment Professionals:

Dealma is set to revolutionize the startup evaluation process by enabling investment professionals to harness AI's capabilities for deeper, faster, and more objective research. This groundbreaking service offers:

-Enhanced Research Depth: Dealma evaluates startups with ten times the research depth compared to traditional methods.

-Accelerated Speed: Achieve comprehensive evaluations at one-tenth the time, significantly reducing decision-making periods.

-Reduced Human Limitations: Dealma addresses human limitations such as subjectivity, finite experience, and bandwidth constraints, ensuring
more accurate and unbiased evaluations.

The use cases of GPT have been very few especially in startups investment space. The nature of broad-based replies , lack of talent, lower acceptance rate, job redundancy fears and apprehension of huge prohibitive budgets have been barriers to wide spread adoption of AI as a tool but this is where the AI Powered Deal Manager is different. Knowing that thorough deal evaluation can be a serious, detailed task it avoids instant chat bot approach of spewing answers on demand. It works on preparing data received from seekers in a drive by process it using multiple set of AI tools before feeding into a AI Powered Chatbot developed, trained and customized for this purpose. To avoid generic , vague and theoretical replies, the model has already been trained using 5 million words that act as ' signposts' for the right replies of seeker to be presented. Users who have used the model are quite surprised at the high level of relevance and accuracy of replies. Seekers getting , 'put off 'by standard blah blah responses is almost eliminated via this effort put in by The Great Unicorn Hunt.

"Human history has shown that technologies that complement human intelligence and enhanced human powers and prowess were winners in the long run and harnessing AI to create specific models that enhance deal curation, evaluation for investors as well as founders are going to be an integral part of the investment workplace in the not so distant future" added Sachin Karnik, Founder and CEO, The Great Unicorn Hunt.

Exclusive Offer for Select Club Members

To celebrate this milestone, The Great Unicorn Hunt is inviting a select club of the first 50 members to experience Dealma for free with their first startup submission. This exclusive offer allows these early adopters to sample the service , add to collective wisdom of AI and lead from the front as AI ' Think Tank'

Join the AI Revolution in Startup Evaluation

Mr. Sachin Karnik, CEO of The Great Unicorn Hunt, expressed his excitement: "We are proud to introduce Dealma, a tool that epitomizes the fusion of AI and investment research. This initiative reflects our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that empower early stage and growth stage Investors , Founders and Investment professionals and drive the startup ecosystem forward."

For more details, please refer to the attached prospectus, which includes a comprehensive overview of Dealma, the common submit form, and a sample Q&A docket demonstrating the model's relevance and customization level.

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The Great Unicorn Hunt is a leading platform connecting startups with investors, fostering innovation and growth within the entrepreneurial community. With a series of successful AI-powered initiatives, the portal continues to lead the way in integrating advanced technologies to support and enhance the startup landscape.

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