Enjoying the Hunt

If you have ever participated in any hunt in the past, be it a hunt for your favourite brand or dream company or dream client or a dream investor or a dream portfolio company, you would have realized that its the most productive when you decide to have fun and enjoy the process. Any other approach is usually fraught with a feeling of vexation and fatigue. The Great Unicorn Hunt is no different.  Well actually it is a bit different this time since what you are hunting for is also hunting you. This could be an oblique way of paying tribute to Rumi, the great Sufi poet who said once that whatever you are seeking is also seeking you. The reason we say this is that Hunters and Spotters who are on the lookout of the potential gems of Startups are usually chased and pursued  by those very gems they set out to look for. Its just that we have made an attempt to make it a tad easier.

Well firstly this is a free to register portal so anyone can complete a few steps, choose the role or the cap they wear and they have joined the hunt. Its almost the same for Founders who have the additional feature of being able to upload their Startups with their appropriate slides ( converted to JPEG or PNG) in the appropriate slots. Its easy and intuitive but there are a few onboarding tutorials we have created.

Once you are in as a Spotter or a Hunter, you could actually network with other peers or Startups by simply sending them emojis or requesting them for their co-ordinates. Well , we would request you to be in touch with the ecosystem by logging in and interacting regularly. We strongly urge you to give serendipity a chance by logging and interacting as frequently as you can, say beginning with 5 mins of peeping into the Hunt twice a week.

For Founders we have also created a few paid services if you believe you need some help to put your best foot forward via a Deck Improvement plan to polish your pitch deck, get a mentoring feedback for a Video Interview and participation in the Can You help them become a Unicorn slots to present to interested Hunters and Spotters. We have recently created a Magic Potion which we absolutely recommend to all founders. You may want to call it a vaccine for Founders, we are calling it the Magic potion.  If it reminds you of the Asterix and Obelix comics you read as a kid, thats even more awesome. 

Needless to say, we are not an investment platform but would be happy to facilitate and provide and fundraise readiness help you are likely to need as a Hunter , a Spotter or a Founder.

We have embarked on the mission of spotting, hunting, nurturing Unicorns so if the first step we took helped our Founders raise serious money from the Hunters and Spotters,  we are super delighted.