Things To Do

Now that you are here, you could be wondering what exactly can be done with and on The Great Unicorn Hunt.  Well, here are some suggestions for your To Do List

Incase you are a Founder / Co-Founder or part of a Startup's Team :

1. Create Your Profile : You could create your Startup's profile on The Great Unicorn Hunt. It's free and a way of making sure that all the Unicorn Hunters and Spotters who visit the portal could find you. Remember to make a great profile, empty spaces, bad images avoidable ! 

2. Complete your Profile : Once you have created a profile, it goes for review incase some spaces are empty. Usually our moderation publishes your profile in 24 hours ( sometimes even 2) but if its not visible on the portal means something is surely missing from your side. If you think its complete and still not published, feel free to nudge us at ( we get a bit fussy sometimes about the missing parts)

3. Use Your Networking Suite : A Published profile means you have 20 profiles unlocked for you to use Your Networking Suite and  to send any 20 Unicorn Hunters or Spotters of your choice, a Namaste or request a Phone Number or Email ID or an Elevator talk ping. Remember , clicking on the profile means you have unlocked the profile.

4. Communicate / Network : If you are really keen to grab an Angel's or VC's attention, feel free to ping him or her and do let them know that you have emailed them or pinged them via other social site. This is virtual networking option , hence we called it the Pyjama Networking.

5. Fundraise Readiness Program : The above points completes the first layer , the freemium layer that The Great Unicorn Hunt has to offer. If you are keen to get your narrative polished, shore up your pitching so that its substantially aligned, do some soft PR, you could actually enroll in our Fundraise Readiness program ( look for Tiger Zinda Hai in the same section for details where are there are packages at Rs 7460/- + GST. ) 

6) Fundraise Networking Assistance Programs : Any other interventions on fundraising , networking can be requested since some of these are success based programs.

7. Watch our Show :  Do watch the The Snakes and Ladders Show and feel free to nominate your Startup and we will be delighted to explain the engagement format.

Incase you are an Angel, Super Angel, Part of Family Office, VC, Investment Firm, Corporate : 

1. Join the Hunt : Points 1 , 2 and 3 are common and useful for you as well.

2. Choose Deal Flow or Exits : You could be joining us to network and augment your deal flow or get your portfolio companies chugging on the Exits Highway. We have a product called e=mc2 ( E stands for Exits with  m for matches and C for conversations). There is write-up on e=mc2 in The Buzz section or you could drop a line to

3.Alliances  / Sponsorships :  If there are specific synergies, alliances, partnerships, sponsorships you have in mind, we would be more than happy to walk you through some of the options we have.

4. . Do watch the The Snakes and Ladders Show and feel free to nominate your Startup and we will be delighted to explain the engagement format.