Fundraise Chai : 14th Sept and 22nd Sept: Virtual Event

Both events are now going to be conducted virtually

Founders Fundraise Chai Workshop in Association with HSBC covering : 

14th Sept 2023 : Virtual Event via Zoom

22nd Sept 2023: Virtual Meeting via zoom ( details below in Registration link)

Topics Covered :

  • Start your own Fundraise Networking
    • Digging the well before you are thirsty - How to prepare for Fundraising  well before you start Fundraising
    • Why research is so important in Fundraising - power of referrals and word of mouth
  • Practical tips and hacks
    • Allocating  Founder Bandwidth 
    • Startups as a Game of Snakes and Ladders
    • How to watch out for the Invisible Snakes and create Ladders for growth and success
    • Case Studies of Real Founder/Investor Dilemmas - Interactive Discussion
    • Sniffing Good meetings from Bad - avoiding Time wasters
    • Power of Subtle and not-so-subtle pitching
    • Converting ' Blessings' to cheques - since VCs and Angels ' hear' differently
  • Getting in front of International Investors - Invitation to Dubai
    • Translating your pitch via Paid Networking
    • Exhibiting in events like Expand North - Spending wisely
  • Fortifying the Foundation
    • Getting the act right across different functions from Org excellence, UI/UX, Branding Scaling
    • Tuition fee and Coaches are not just for Tennis Players
  • What your Bank can do for you
    • Help your Bank help you
    • Making use of Bank's offerings is an art

    When : Thu 14th Sept, 2023 at 3.30 PM (Virtual)

    When : Friday 22nd Sept 2023 at 3.30 PM ( virtual)

    Registration link details in link below for both dates

    Details / RSVP for 22nd Sept Event ( virtual):