Automation as a saviour

Ever been in the dilemma of what and how to bring in automation in your day-to-day business?

Say no more, we are here to introduce you to NOYT (Now Own Your Tech) - an early-stage startup consulting firm providing innovative and scalable business quality engineering solutions.
Automation is a very crucial aspect of testing cycle. NOYT provides advanced automating features of app, web, API, and also integrating analytic tools.
NOYT designs and implements automation frameworks in industry. Currently, automation frameworks are tightly coupled and are not flexible to adhere to the fast changing technologies and development cycles. Their experts have experience in making automation frameworks super dynamic through well known technologies like Selenium (Website Automation), Appium (Mobile App Automation) and Rest-Assured (API Automation). They also hold expertise in setting up CI/CD pipelines and test analytics around automation.

Following are the varied services provided by NOYT
1 - Test Automation analytics,
2 - Consulting for automation testing,
3 - APP automation framework,
4 - Web automation framework,
5 - API automation framework,
6 - CI/CD integration, and other automation related problem solving and
7 - Develops/ Infrastructure solutioning,
8 - QA Resourcing, and
9 - Mocking Service,
10- Test Managements tool.

If interested, please drop a line at and reach out.