Virtual Symposiums : Outlook : 16 Apr' 2022

In keeping with the  MVP or Minimum Viable Proposition approach that's so common in the Startup Ecosystem, Kofounderz Team conducted not just a poll but also conducted four detailed, closed-door , by-invitation only  symposiums and round tables to get an insight from the leading players of the ecosystem who have been on the forefront in terms of  identifying, investing and nurturing winning propositions before they got noticed by the world.

The objectives of the Virtual Symposiums and Round Table sessions were very specific:

  • Are the pain points plaguing the Ecosystem real, big enough and worth solving.
  • Can we as an Ecosystem attempt at doing different things or doing things differently to crank up the way we are spotting and nurturing Unicorns?
  • Can a central platform, well adopted by the Startup community serve the purpose of becoming a reservoir and a watering hole for the most promising Startups to attract scarce capital and acumen?

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