Machaan - Palak Soup, Myths& Realities, Fundraise Pack

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Agenda :

(*) Interactive sessions titled Palak Soup for the First Time Founders - approx 45 mins based on book of same name, conducted by the author that includes

  • Painpoints : Why choosing painpoints correctly are critical for success and fundraise
  • MVP : What does MVP mean to you and future employees and Investors
  • Customer Segments : Why these are so relevant
  • Vision: Why do investors care?
  • Investors : Aint tough but aint easy either

(*) Interactive survey with takeaways on Myths and Realities of the Startup Ecosystem - appox 30 mins

  • How many fundraises do successful founders do?
  • Do investors help with future fund raises ?
  • How long do VCs take to invest ?
  • 10 such interesting Myths and Realities

(*) Invitation to join the 3000 strong The Great Unicorn Hunt community - approx 15 mins

  • An Invitation and a walk though
  • Making Networking fun

(*) Introduction to the Fundraise Pack that we have launched - approx 15 mins

  • When rubber hits the road

(*) Q&A and wrap up : 15 mins