Chat GPT v/s Human Author

As you know OpenAI has launched the ambitious project Chat GPT that has taken the world by Storm. They have built perhaps the World's biggest repository of AI for almost every topic under the sun and presented in an easy-to-access Chat interface.

Considering that this was the World's collective wisdom, we decided to do an experiment with the book we, at the Great Unicorn Hunt, had recently launched called Palak Soup for the First Time Founder, authored by Sachin Karnik, founder of The Great Unicorn Hunt.

The book is a pint sized ( soup bowl sized) version of the tool kit that a founder would need, abhors gyan of any nature and poses tough but pertinent inputs for the consumption of the Founder.

We did an experiment where we posed many questions, fundas and some dilemmas to ChatGPT and barring the last question where it threw up an error, not sure why, answered almost all questions with a lot of poise, wisdom and maturity.

You can access the output of the ChatGPT responses to the Questions posed inside your dashboard, as soon as you login to your account at Its right in your Dataroom or My Locker, alongwith host of other resources,  under your Thumbnail.

If you are not registered with www.thegreatunicornhunt, you will have to create a profile. Needless to say, a populated profile with high resolution professional pic, bio and other details gets published on the site. If you choose to not share your picture or Bio, you could stay on portal in an anonymous format practically making it difficult for others to ping you or have a social interaction! 

If you have not bot ( pun is very much intended), you can so at: 

Palak Soup for the First Time Founder

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