Palak Soup for the First Time Founder

There are a plethora of Inspiring and practical Books on Startups written by VCs, Angel Investors and Founders however most Founders , short on bandwidth and attention span usually procrastinate and postpone the reading for later. Founders keen to get a distilled perspective and wisdom nuggets from a diverse set of experts usually keep looking for the book that could help them navigate the journey they have undertaken without adding to the stress. There's already a lot out there for Founders. Palak Soup for the First Time Founder is a crisp, nutritional (one could say motivational at times), useful , practical ready reckoner of things they need to keep in mind to survive and to become successful and pitfalls they need to watch out for. The name ofcourse is suggestive of the fact that this could whet your appetite, as a founder,  for more or make you pause as you digest the soup. Sip it and savour it.

The Book is authored by Sachin Karnik, Founder of The Great Unicorn Hunt , a leading Startup Discovery and Networking platform. Sachin transitioned from his Corporate Career as a Global Leader  for a Multi National Conglomerate to an Angel Investor and  successfully led from the front, the rebuilding of a large Angel Investing Network as its its President . He also helped relaunch a UK Based Crowd Investing Company as its CEO before founding Kofounderz Team Pvt Ltd, the company that launched

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