Kids Startup Forum for Youngsters in the Age group 9 to 19 years

Kids Startup Forum:

The Batch One Starts on 12th Nov and has 4 sessions in all. Course will be in four sessions on 12th Nov, 13th Nov, 19th Nov, 20th Nov 2022 @ 11.00 am to 12.00 Noon.

The Great Unicorn Hunts created this course and will be delivering the program with help of Exuberance.

A forum for kids in the age group 9 to 19 to know more about Startups and hone their entrepreneurial and Angel Investing skills.

Need for this course :

?The current generation is far smarter than the earlier generations

?They are watching Shark Tank and other Startup shows more than the grown-ups

?They don’t need classroom Gyan – they need a forum

?They would love interactive stuff about Entrepreneurship that satiates their curiosity

What can you expect :

2 Saturdays+2 Sundays, 11.00 AM to 12 Noon Forum

  • DIY assignments through the week

? Sharing  of Hand picked Resources from public domain

?Peer networking

? Famous TV Startup Show Pitch Discussion

?Group AMA ( Ask Me Anything) for live Projects

?Student Access to The Great Unicorn Hunt

Broad Inclusions :

  • Introduction to Startup Landscape
  • Introduction to few terms
  • Introduction to Starting up
  • Introduction to Angel Investing
  • Interactions with seasoned founders, Angel Investors
  • Sharing of Hand picked resources from Public domain
  • Payment Link : Pay here

Payment Link : Pay here

Course Contents

Session 1
1. Landscape and  Intro to Ecosystem 
2. Ice breaker
3. Introduction to key terms 
4 Actual  recorded TV show Pitch viewing
5. Discussion about the clip / Guest Speaker
6. Fun Activities, Student access to Portal, Homework etc

Session 2
1. Understanding Business Model
2.Breakout room Discussion
3. Group Discussion on Business Model
4. Actual Recorded TV Pitch viewing
5. Group Discussion about the clip / Guest Speaker
6. Fun Activities, Student access Homework etc

Session 3
1. Self Assessment as Founder or Angel Investor
2. Group Discussion
3. Identifying Pain points
4. Actual Recorded TV Pitch Viewing
5. Group Discussion ( Plus Guest Speaker)
6. Fun Activities, Student Access, Homework etc

Session 4

1. Understanding Economics
2. Understanding Exits
3 Actual Recorded TV show
4. Group Discussion
5.Takeaways, Testimonials Capture
6. Guest Speaker