What the Founders want to know - For Early Stage Founders

Founders usually avoid excess of gyan sessions and webinars. They are more interested in getting answers to issues where the shoe is pinching for them be it ways to reach out to investors, opening new territories, marketing or distribution partners or any such issues. This package facilitates this so that founders can briefly explain what they do and present their ‘ ask’ to the audience. This is not a forum to make investment pitches but a great way for founders to connect with mentors, investors, service providers , prospective employees, customers, channel partners, corporates who can really help them take their business forward.

Here is what the Founders get as a part of this paid service for Deck Improvement, Interview and Promo.

1) Deck Improvement Support : An hours session to provide inputs to you that may help you spruce up your pitch deck along lines that most investors expect. This is a fairly high level but specific critique of flow, inclusions, aesthetics, Value Proposition that you seek to convey.

2) We present a Zoom interview to our community where we provide a set of questions which will be asked to avoid any surprises. We encourage you to record your replies via Whatsapp audio so that we can provide you with inputs on how to sharpen your narrative when responding to questions asked. We have found that Investors who get inundated with pitch decks actually love seeing the founder describe his vision and way forward. This has proven to be a big hit.

3) We also share your uploaded material and You Tube interview with our community and invite them for a 45 minute session to attend your presentation.

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