News Buzz : Economic Times : 28 Mar' 2022

One of the biggest pain points that the Indian ecosystem faces is that the capital infusion while on an upswing is still one-tenth of what more advanced Startup ecosystems viz the US, receives. Also, several truly deserving startups end up fending for themselves without adequate tools to get noticed by like-minded investors. More than 50% of the portfolio companies of most VCs are ripe for next/ co-investing but methods to get them future rounds of investment are still heavily dependent on founder hustle and informal/formal networking by the founders and or investors. To address this and to support the Startup ecosystem with uniquely designed solutions, Kofounderz Team has launched The Great Unicorn Hunt to further accelerate a highly conducive discovery and conversation platform.

The Great Unicorn Hunt is basically free to register portal where each stakeholder could register, declare his or her role and participate in the Hunt. The VCs appear in the Hunters sections and the Angel Investors, Incubators, Accelerators, Mentors come in the Spotters section. The startups that have been nominated by their investors could choose the investor or VC and appear in the nominated startups section. Those who haven’t been nominated can appear in the self-nominated startups gallery.

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