Oil Barrel : If Data is the new oil


Dear Unicorn Hunters and Spotters,

As you must have read in our previous email , we have launched DRIL - Deep Research Inquisitive Labs so that we can help our mentee Startups with concrete research and Data and share our learning with Investors , Mentors and other stakeholders.

We would like you to see some of the Rough Books we are scribbling on and see how useful or valuable they are for you in your journey as Unicorn Spotters.

If Data is the new oil and if we are convinced there isnt too much oil in Startups, we are hoping the DRIL will dig deep enough to strike oil.

Kindly accept a small gift from us where we have put six of the many Rough Books we are working on via this Oil Barrel which you should have received in your email.

If you have not received it, please check your spam folders and / or just write to hello@thegreatunicornhunt.com

We need one favour from you. 

Could you please fill this small form so that we can customize the Oil Barrel better next time. It will hardly take a minute hence the request.

May the force of Wealth Creation be with you !