DRIL: Deep Research Inquisitive Lab : Rationale

DRIL : The Deep Research Inquisitive Lab: The Rationale

Early Stage investors are the bravest of all investors or so we believe. They have been making Investments on the basis of their acumen, experience, gut feel, founders personalities, founder strengths, perceived upsides and a host of other eminently intangible factors. Dependence on Data is relatively low and usually supplied by Founders.

The Great Unicorn Hunt has created this Lab called the Deep Research Inquisitive Lab with the intention of pushing the boundaries and horizons of our understanding of factors that make Startups become successful. If Data is the new oil and there isnt much oil around about Startups, its time we made a DRIL to dig deep. Hopefully the DRIL will be able to strike oil.

Our Unicorn Hunters and Spotters and the founders  will be provided with forums, rough books to channel their understanding and enhance collective wisdom. Who knows there will be a day, someday soon where Angel Investors and other Early Stage investors will be able to sniff a pitch deck and predict a Multi Bagger! So much for wishful thinking but isnt that how dreams manifest ?

The Great Unicorn Hunt Team