Famous VC Newsletters

VCs are an integral part of the Startup Ecosystem. There are a few VCs who are far more visible, active and proactive in their communications while quite a few prefer to stay out of the limelight unless there is some big news to be shared. Most of their communications are directed at their LPs and their portfolio company founders. Newsletters of VCs have hence become a subject of deep interest for other Investors as well as the Founders.


Venture Capital is a niche where there is always the need to keep learning, almost every day. A VC has to be up-to-date with the constantly shifting trends in the industry. Not only that but functions like evaluating investments and looking for available resources to increase capital too.


But being informed enough and acting on time is already becoming difficult for any VC. So, many of them have long shifted to newsletters and other sources of information. One of these examples is books, but reading a book is a task in itself hence, they remain merely an addition to the knowledge. Let’s look at some famous VC newsletters as we discover what a person looks for in them and why are they famous along the way.

The Newsletters

Now, the first on our list is the daily email newsletter called ‘StrictlyVC’ founded in 2013 by Connie Loizos. She not only writes about startup ecosystem and the Venture Capital industry but also talks about her editorial experience in the Silicon Valley with a firm called TechCrunch. The said mission at StrictlyVC is to inform about the daily happenings in the world of venture investments as proudly acclaimed ‘from Sand Hill Road, California, USA to Singapore. Covering what is and what will be in the coming months, StrictlyVC gives the reader what they want in a preferably short story.


Healthcare and the tech worlds are just a part of the info mess that makes it worthwhile for any reader. Checkout a snippet from StrictlyVC right here:strictlyvc.com/newsletter. Here they have talked about the recent news that made it into the light like recent fundings, tweets, etc.



Next up on our list is another newsletter from the lands of Silicon Valley. a16z (Andreessen Horowitz) was founded in the year 2009 by Ben Horowitz and Marc Andreessen. It is essentially a VC firm that sides with the classic entrepreneurial vision in hopes of a better future through technology. In the cutting edge era, this one brings experience of being a not only a company but a good one at best, but also the articles and research insights on topics not everyone asks but surely deserves. a16z functions on the respect for a company and how it comes up in the business, and they take it to the core.


“It’s time to build” says their tag line inviting you to check it out with those open intellectual arms. Plus they have a podcast, so you know they serve every VC demographic. Check it out here: future.com/podcast-network/.


Have you heard about Fred Wilson? Of course, you have! Fred Wilson is the famous founder of the venture capital firm Union Square Ventures. Fred has been an insider into the venture capital ecosystem since way back in the year 1986. Lo and behold, welcome to Fred’s thoughts, his personal diary in ways. We are talking about the next newsletter which is the AVC Newsletter. Fred’s writings dwell in everything related to VC and more so in a personalized and easier way. It allows the readers to get in touch with the VC side of Fred Wilson and what he gathers from the startup world.


Checkout Fred’s recent posts here at AVC Homepage where he talks about portfolio companies, diversification in the new market, investor mindsets, and some personal investments and reasons behind it.


Speaking of diversification, there has always been a buzz around the increasing influence of diversity in VC. But to know more, you have to be acquainted with the subject first and to do so one must get into those budding creators and groups that are trying to make an impression in the community. That brings us to the last newsletter for today and i.e. Femstreet, which is a weekly VC newsletter hosted on the substack website. It was founded by Sarah Nockel, who herself has tremendous experience as a venture capitalist as well. As the name suggests, Femstreet represents the leading women in the community who have now a massive hand in shaping it .


Checkout what many outstanding women of this age are up to in operations and investments field right here at Femstreet Newsletter.


Apart from what we have glanced at, there are many more sources out there waiting to be found. It’s not just now but the race to be on top of the latest information has been the elephant in the room even before the 90s (as we’ve seen in some examples here) when it comes to a wide area like venture capital, it may just depend on your region and areas of interest as well. However, we’ve tried our best to come up with a compilation that you may find interesting.